Apsis Solutions Ltd.

Next Big Thing For Apsis

Apsis solutions was founded in 2006. Consequently, we were enlisted as a PLC in 2011. Apsis solutions has been collecting experience for over 15 years in the distribution, telecom, financial and other large corporates over the years. While being in the field for so long we have accumulated over 115 employees and counting in all departments with more than 80 software engineers. While Apsis has over 15 products and solutions including CRM and consumers, Financial & FinTech, Telecom and HR. We have been able to concrete our presence in Bangladesh, Malaysia and partners in North American making Apsis a global operation.

Apsis major strength lies in the agile methodology. This schematic of operations includes great efficiency and improvement. Everything is improved exponentially and optimized as it goes along. This ensures the best outcome on all fronts. Apsis clients are sure to be satisfied no matter what as the clientele is at the centre of everything. While keeping the client organization relationship healthy, Apsis ensures speed to market in collaboration with the agile approach. It is important for an IT firm to innovate while dedicating practice for innovation to offer solutions using modern technologies. Keeping on top of everything and spearheading in a certain area requires thorough research and analysis. Thus, allowing Apsis to provide solutions to turn an entire organization with great ease and agility. Apsis has offered their expertise and services to several large and global corporations for finance and aid to transform digitally. These reputed clients have grown to have a mutual and trustworthy relationship with Apsis. All components of the firm use agile delivery to drive speed to market. This ensures everything is modular and component based. The trust that has been built between several clients and corporations in turning digital creates a very important rapport between the clients and potential clients so its easy to invest in seeking solutions from a firm. At this day and age turning digital is the one of the single smartest decisions to make. Insights that are being feedback and the systemic insights and managing ensures that any organization is able to optimize and adapt to the market in a short period of time. Keeping track of everything is that much simpler and that is what Apsis solutions is great at. Making sure the firm is hard at work so things are easy for the clients with no hitches and only beneficial gains.

Apsis solutions is the place to look for when looking to build ground up in career or being a potential client. The team members of Apsis ensure a great work environment and aid customers in transitioning into the digital world. Newer innovations are being brought to assist in meeting the customer objectives. We specialize in AI based software, Chat bots, Data analytics, Image processing, AI driven transport management systems and so on. While aiding our customers in transforming their digital needs. We do not lose sight of keeping our team motivated and inspired. With the rapid tackling of customer objectives, a sense of satisfying productivity is felt by the company and team members. Thus, ensuring the firm to be moving forward exponentially, coming up with innovations and solutions with the blink of an eye. That is not to say that the firm has peaked however. Apsis is only a growing entity; we may very well be in our infant stages for the ambitions that we set for the firm. They are far greater than what we have achieved so far. Even though we are moving quite fast in completing objectives each milestone is farther apart than the other. The whole team is always hard at work in setting goals and meeting them, all while keeping our customers satisfied to the highest extent. Our job is to go above and beyond on all fronts.

The next big thing for Apsis would be to grow and recruit as many talented team members and solutions experts as possible. With the world moving forward exponentially in the IT and solutions department. Our Team thrives to spearhead the movement of the digitally transforming world. The hunt for perfection continues for customers and recruits alike. Our services are provided at a very competitive pricing ensuring potential clients that look towards getting their solutions needs met are not driven away. All the while dedicating every second to being consistent and efficient. The turnaround times are nothing short of astounding. Our clients are never provided with outdated or even slightly dated solutions as we have previously notated our aspirations to constantly innovate. Keeping afloat in the digital world is not the case. We make sure to levitate and reach for the skies.

Apsis solutions are proliferating in providing CRM and consumer solutions. We optimize all fronts of the consumer goods industry, retailer collaboration, financial performance and operations. The team provides all that is needed to elevate growing businesses with real time insights and branch management.
Additionally we provide ERP (Enterprise resource planning), Financial, Fintech and Telecom solutions.

ERP solutions are automated software that aids in several forms of management such as production, inventory, purchase, sales and distribution, Fixed assets, accounting and LC. With already several corporations and Firms providing it. We aspire to provide the same services with an Edge that is a cut above with our experienced team members.

Financial and FinTech solutions are set in place for the consumer to track investment banking and management. Supporting insights for supply chain and financial management. This section is to ensure all auditing, monitoring
and finance controls are being centralized for the consumer to build a very stable and sustainable finance operation.

Telecom solutions such as internet gateway billing systems and customer payment management systems that are provided are top of the line solutions. Apsis is known to spearhead such operations. The range of services and product availability for telecom operators are quite large. We are one of the carriers of international voice traffic. Other telecom solutions and services include VoIP carrier service, VoIP wholesale and related software development.

Conclusively Apsis thrives to provide benefits and innovation indefinitely to the clients while learning and growing. Very much like the AI solutions given to clients the company learns and grows but with emotions tied to the clients.


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