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Transport Management System

Transport Management System
Delivery Management System

Transport Management system

Apsis transportation management system is a one-stop software through which you can easily plan, organize and assess each stage of your transportation cycle for any large corporate to provide pool car service to their employees as well as for transport companies to manage its passenger transportation service. The system manages fleets to maximize the utilization of vehicles and saves cost for transportation.


  • Vehicle requisition and approval process
  • Vehicle allocation and cancelation or reschedule
  • Usage & expenditure management for fuel
  • Suggest nearby vehicles going to same location at same time with available seats
  • Requisition status notification through SMS/Email to the accompanies.
  • Setup user’s maximum number of requisitions
  • Suggest user to choose from partially occupied vehicle first.
  • Driver management (register, vehicle allocation, separation, Leave etc.)
  • SMS driver for new vehicle requisition and cancelation or reschedule
  • Driver over time entry
  • Dashboard – Show recent vehicle status
  • Customized Reports

Delivery Management System

Apsis Delivery Management System connects sender, receiver and the courier company digitally for pickup and delivery of any goods. The system is ideal for end-to-end operation of a courier company as well as for large corporates who wishes to make their delivery system more transparent and timelier. The system is equipped with mobile app for sender, receiver and delivery man, parcel tracking, damage tracking and other analytical tools that help management to take decisions.


  • Parcel booking
  • Delivery man management
  • Address book management
  • Delivery cost calculation
  • Corporate office delivery
  • Full operation of courier company
  • Parcel tracking
  • Warehouse configuration
  • Vendor account management
  • KPI, Dashboard & Reports/Analytics
  • Inter Office Delivery

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